Karl Peterka 1907 - 1942 Edit

Born 27.4.1907 in Wien
Died 17.12.1942 in Mauthausen


A carpenter’s assistant, Karl Peterka lived at 26/35 Rückertgasse in Vienna’s Ottakring district. According to the People’s Court verdict of 16 December 1942 (5 H 96/42) against Alfons Peschke, Friedrich Nesvadba, Franz Tesarik, Hedwig Urach and Wladimir Zoul for plotting to commit high treason, on the initiative of Wladimir Zoul Peterka played a role in resistance activities against the National Socialist regime of terror in the Hernals district. He was murdered on 17 December 1942 at the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Peter Ulrich Lehner



Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW), ‘Die im KZ verstorbenen und hingerichteten Genossen aus Hernals’ [‘Comrades of Hernals who died or were executed in the concentration camps’]; DÖW 11081, 19793/131, ZPAKPÖ.



Peter Ulrich Lehner: Verfolgung, Widerstand und Freiheitskampf in Hernals. Ereignisse, Gestalten, Orte, Spuren in einem Wiener Arbeiter/innenbezirk. Ein Heimatbuch der anderen Art [Persecution, Resistance and Fight for Freedom in Hernals. Events, figures, places, traces in a working-class district of Vienna. Local history of a different sort] (Vienna 2013), p. 395f.

Translation into English: Joanna White

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