Rufin Penne 1903 - 1945 Edit

Born 25.12.1903 in Aspelare
Died 30.1.1945 in Gusen


Rufin Penne was born on 25 December 1903 in Aspelaere and died on 30 or 31 January 1945 in Gusen (number 97494).

He was a director at the Ministry of Education in Brussels. During the war he was an officer in the Belgian Army of Partisans and an agent of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Service. He was arrested by the Germans in Geraardsbergen on 26 May 1944. He had been betrayed: three Gestapo people lived in the town.

He and all of his friends who belonged to the resistance group were arrested. He was initially detained for one night by the Gendarmerie in Geraardsbergen. The next day my mother saw my Papa in Ninove! He was then taken to the ‘De Nieuwe Wandeling’ prison[1] in Ghent. My mother had no contact with him after that and did not know where my Papa was. My mother was officially informed of my father’s death by the repatriation service on 2 August 1945.

Liliane Penne


Translation into English: Joanna White

[1] Translator’s note: this is the name of the street where the prison is situated (literally: ‘New Stroll’).


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