Orlando Vischi 1914 - 1945

9.6.1914 Valdomino
10.3.1945 Gusen

‘I want only to keep the beautiful memories... when walking over my mountains was an adventure full of joy, when the snow was a white gift from heaven and the roll call in the schoolyard was a prelude to play... I want to keep all the beautiful memories quite safe... the scents, the colours, the music and the embraces... I would like to believe in love that endures everything, in forgiveness that heals everything... I would like... and can... now I can do it...’

Orlando Vischi was a haulier by profession, was a member of the Cinque Giornate partisan group and fought in the battle of San Martino mountain.

He returned to Luino and was denounced, which meant that he became the object of a manhunt. In February 1944 he decided to give himself up to the SS, leaving his wife Jolanda and children Gianfranco and Mariangela in order to protect his family from revenge measures.

After his transfer to the San Vittore prison in Milan, he was taken first to the Fossoli concentration camp and then, on 7 August 1944, to the Mauthausen extermination camp, where he perished in the Gusen subcamp on 10 March 1945.


Mauro Vanni / Rossella Vischi

 Translation into English: Joanna White