Marija Hafner 1895 - 1942

19.1.1895 Naklo
20.4.1942 Mauthausen

On 16 April 1942 the Slovenian resistance movement shot five German collaborators, among them the German mayor of Jesenice, Karl Luckmann.

As a reprisal for this action, SS Gruppenführer Rösener, police commander in the occupied territory of Slovenia, ordered the shooting of 50 hostages. The names of the hostages were publicly announced on large posters.

The hostages were sent on a separate transport to Mauthausen for execution and shot on 20 April 1942 in groups of two.

The last group contained four women: Marija Hafner (mother), Pavla Frlic, Marija Hafner (daughter) and Cecilija Vrankar

All the murdered women had strong connections to the Slovenian Liberation Movement and several testimonies report that they went to their death proudly.

These four women from Slovenia were the first women to be murdered as hostages in Mauthausen.


Dušan Stefančič



Translation into English: Joanna White