Józef Kalejta 1894 - 1941

17.8.1894 Zielone
7.4.1941 Gusen

Józef Kalejta was born 17 August 1894. Until 1914 he studied at a teacher training college. At the start of the war in 1914 he was forcibly enrolled into the Russian army, where he served as a lieutenant until he was taken prisoner. He was held in a German prisoner of war camp in Neustadt.

On his release in 1919 he joined the newly formed Polish Army. He served in the 50th Infantry Regiment, which was part of the army led by General Józef Haller. He was seriously wounded in a battle with one of Budyonny’s cavalry regiments and was taken to a hospital. After leaving hospital he left the army and returned to his studies, specialising in mathematics. He married and worked as a teacher in Suwałki, where he settled with his family.

On 8 April 1940 he was arrested by the Germans. At first he was taken to Dachau concentration camp, where he was assigned prisoner number 1681. Later he was transferred to Mauthausen/Gusen, where he was given prisoner number 23467. Józef Kalejta died in April 1941.


Halina Petrykowska


Translation into English: Joanna White