René Lhuillier 1925 - 1944

Born 20.4.1925 in Pexonne
Died 23.12.1944 in Melk


René Lhuillier was born on 20 April 1925 in Pexonne, Lorraine, France. He was a baker by trade. He and his father were among the 112 hostages who were captured during the raid on Sunday, 27 August 1944 in the village of Pexonne by the unit known as Kommando Wenger (of the German Security Service or SD), which was tasked with combating the partisans in the foothills of the Vosges.

He was taken to the Haxo barracks in Baccarat, then to the Natzweiler camp, where he was assigned prisoner number 26850. On 2 September 1944 he was ‘evacuated’ to the Dachau concentration camp because the Germans feared an attack by the resistance fighters in Natzweiler. On 4 September 1944 he arrived in Dachau before being transferred on 14 September 1944 to Mauthausen, then to Melk, where he was registered with prisoner number 98528. On 23 December 1944 he died at the age of 19 – one month after his father.


Guillaume Maisse


Translation into English: Joanna White

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