Ferdynand Biliński 1889 - 1945

Born 3.1.1889 in Monasterzyska / Monastyryska
Died 4.4.1945 in Mauthausen


Ferdynand Biliński was born on 3 January 1889 in Monasterzyska – south of Ternopil – in present-day Ukraine. He graduated in law from the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv and took up a job as a candidate notary in Przemyśl. From 1926 he worked in a notary’s office by the Grodzki court of justice in Strumień, and some time later in Bielsko-Biała. After the outbreak of the Second World War, he and his family arrived at a refugee camp in Kiskunlacháza in Hungary, where he remained until the end of 1944. In early January 1945 he was arrested and the entire family was taken by special transport to the assembly camp in Wiener Neustadt, where he was separated from his family and transported on to Mauthausen concentration camp. On 7 March 1945 he was registered in the arrivals book of the camp under prisoner number 137546. He died in this camp on 4 April 1945.

Jerzy Klistała


Translation into English: Joanna White



Jerzy Klistała: Martyrologium Mieszkańców Ziemi Cieszyńskiej w latach 1939–1945 – Słownik biograficzny [Martyrology of the inhabitants of Cieszyń in the period 1939–1945 – Biographical Dictionary] (Cieszyn 2011).

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