Nicola Serra 1918 - 1944

Born 2.7.1918 in Imperia
Died 21.11.1944 in Redl-Zipf


The Serra brothers

Enrico Serra and his brother Nicola were partisans, living from 8 September 1943 as ‘rebels’ in the mountains of Imperia. Enrico was arrested, together with his brother, by the Fascist militia (Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana) on 3 December 1943 on charges of stealing weapons from the Germans and going underground as a ‘rebel’.

On 11 February 1944, the two brothers were handed over to the SS so that they could be transferred first to the prison in Savona and then to the Marassi prison in Genoa. On 11 March 1944, both were interned in the notorious Fossoli (Modena) transit camp and deported as ‘political prisoners’ to the Mauthausen concentration camp on 21 June 1944 on transport no. 53.

Enrico was subjected to the same appalling conditions as his brother and the other inmates, and died on 2 February 1945 from the consequences of torture and exhaustion in the Gusen extermination camp.

He was posthumously awarded the bronze medal for gallantry.

Nicola Serra, a partisan, was transferred from the Mauthausen concentration camp to the Redl-Zipf subcamp, subjected to forced labour and inhuman conditions, he died on 11 November 1944 of acute pneumonia.

He was posthumously awarded the silver medal for gallantry.

The commune of Imperia named a small square in the Porto Maurizio district in memory of the brothers Enrico and Nicola Serra. Every year a competition for schoolchildren is held in their honour, with the winner receiving a scholarship. It was initiated by Mr. Marino Serra, a relative of the Serra brothers.

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Translation into English: Joanna White

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