Biographical details are available for the following names:

Franz Erath 1913 - 1940

Born 19.12.1913 in Dunningen
Died 11.2.1940 in Mauthausen

Franz Paul Erath came into the world in Dunningen in the district of Rottweil as the seventh of ten children, of whom five died shortly after birth. In 1923, his parents Anna and Franz Xaver moved ... read more

Hermann Häfker 1873 - 1939

Born 3.6.1873 in Bremen
Died 27.12.1939 in Mauthausen read more

Władysław Pawlas 1908 - 1940

Born 3.3.1908 in Sucha Góra
Died 28.8.1940 in Gusen

Władysław Pawlas was a Polish Protestant-Lutheran pastor. He came from a family of farmers. In 1926 he completed his education at the Polish Słowacki grammar school in Orlowa and began his studies at ... read more

Julio Tomás Codina 1913 - 1941

Born 5.3.1913 in Pobla Llarga (la)
Died 28.11.1941 in Gusen

Julio Tomás Codina was born at 3pm on Wednesday 5 March 1913 at his family home (now 29 Sant Josep Street in La Pobla Llarga, Valencia, Spain). He was the third son of the marriage between ... read more

Danilo Veronesi 1926 - 1944

Born 3.7.1926 in Caprino Veronese
Died 13.5.1944 in Ebensee

Danilo Veronesi was the son of Adelino Veronesi and Maria Dossi. In 1936 the family moved to Milan. It was an anti-Fascist family and following the outbreak of war, Danilo became a member of a group ... read more

Adolf Rosenberger 1900 - 1945

Born 24.10.1900 in Wien
Died 31.3.1945 in Mauthausen

Adolf Rosenberger was born on 24 October 1900 as the child of a working-class Jewish family in Vienna’s Brigittenau district. He grew up in Bäuerlegasse to the north of the Augarten park ... read more

Marianne Nagy 1924 - 1945

Born 22.8.1924 in Lőrinci
Died 5.5.1945 in Mauthausen

Marianne Nagy was just 20 years old when she died in Mauthausen. She was born on 22 August 1924 in Budapest, the second daughter of a bourgeois Jewish family. Together with her parents, Mihály ... read more

Michał Cieślar 1898 - 1940

Born 5.7.1898 in Wiśle
Died 15.9.1940 in Gusen

Michał Cieślar was a teacher and social activist. He graduated from the Protestant teachers’ seminary in Bielsko. His began his first job in 1909 at a primary school in Górki Wielkie. A ... read more

Karl Reindl 1913 - 1945

Born 20.2.1913 in Linz
Died 28.4.1945 in Mauthausen

Karl Reindl was my uncle. His wife Theresia was my father’s sister. He was one of the 42 antifascists who were gassed as late as 28/29 April on the orders of the Gauleiter of Oberdonau, August ... read more

Raymond Arend 1922 - 1944

Born 4.12.1922 in Oberkorn
Died 15.6.1944 in Hartheim

Raymond Arend was born on 4 December 1922 in Oberkorn (Luxembourg). He was a labourer and still single. On 25 August 1943 he was taken into protective custody. He was accused of having joined the ... read more