Biographical details are available for the following names:

Oldřich Pechal 1913 - 1942

Born 12.5.1913 in Osvětimany
Died 22.9.1942 in Mauthausen

On 22 September 1942, First Lieutenant Oldřich Pechal, commander of the ‘Zinc’ parachute unit, was deported to the Mauthausen concentration camp. On the same day he was hanged in ... read more

Zbigniew Łuniewski 1901 - 1940

Born 6.3.1901 in Kraków
Died 16.10.1940 in Mauthausen

Family crest name: Łukocz Full name: Zbigniew Stefan Józef Łukocz-Łuniewski      Born 6 March 1901 in Cracow, died 16 October 1940 in Mauthausen German Co ... read more

Константин Алексеевич Алисенок / Konstantin Alexeewitsch Alisenok 1901 - 1944

Born 2.1.1901 in Kemeschowzy
Died 25.9.1944 in Mauthausen

Konstantin Alexeevich Alisenok was born on 2 January 1901 into a peasant family in the village of Kemeshevtsy near Minsk. His father was Belorussian, his mother Sofia (Zosya), Polish. There were four ... read more

Robert Gaston Viry 1924 - 1943

Born 23.7.1924 in Plainfaing
Died 13.12.1943 in Wiener Neudorf

After completing primary schooling, Robert Viry decided to work as a weaver. The apprentice had never left Plainfaing, where he lived in the rue Noiregoutte. On 11 May 1943, after a tipoff had ... read more

Karl Reindl 1913 - 1945

Born 20.2.1913 in Linz
Died 28.4.1945 in Mauthausen

Karl Reindl was my uncle. His wife Theresia was my father’s sister. He was one of the 42 antifascists who were gassed as late as 28/29 April on the orders of the Gauleiter of Oberdonau, August ... read more

Ephim Chapiro 1897 - 1945

Born 16.8.1897 in Minsk
Died 17.2.1945 in Mauthausen

Ephim Chapiro was a French Jew married to Rosa Gingold. He had one child, Yvette Chapiro. He hid out in Lyon during the war, but was ultimately caught and arrested on August 7, 1944. He was sent ... read more

Antonio Díaz Rodríguez 1906 - 1941

Born 14.9.1906 in Alcanadre
Died 31.10.1941 in Gusen

He was born in Alcanadre, Spain, married to Juana Aguirre and with three daughters - Antonia Diaz (born 1931), Begoña Diaz (born 1933), and Magdalena Diaz (born 1935). Farmer of profession, he ... read more

Павел Константинович Трегубов / Pawel Konstantinowitsch Tregubow 1904 - 1945

Born 18.8.1904 in Tschugan
Died 3.1.1945 in Hartheim

Pavel Konstantinovich Tregubov was born on 18 August 1904 into a poor peasant family in the village of Chugan in the Sulaevsky municipality of the Vyatsky district of the Vyatka oblast (in what is ... read more

Josef Drahotský 1895 - 1941

Born 6.6.1895 in Všestary
Died 13.12.1941 in Mauthausen

Josef Drahotský was born on 6 June 1895 in the village of Vsestary near Hradec Králové in what is now the Czech Republic. His parents were farmers. He wanted to become a teacher ... read more

Julius Baumann 1898 - 1942

Born 13.1.1898 in Stuttgart
Died 1.10.1942 in Mauthausen

A Jewish Sportsman from Stuttgart Julius Baumann was born on 20 January 1898 in Stuttgart, the son of Jewish husband and wife Heinrich Baumann and Fernanda, née Oppenheimer. He was a ... read more